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"I have an overwhelming desire to understand the story behind every piece of lace. This desire is what leads me down crowded streets in far reaching locales, where I have the opportunity to understand and get to know the people behind it. The moments and memories I collect on each journey are delicately woven into the details of every piece I create, and lend themselves to the reason why I carefully, and meticulously craft each piece by hand. It is my hope that once it's yours, it will unfold into a beautiful story of your own."

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Daphne Newman has spent her life devoted to a world of couture design, fabrics and lace. Fuelled by perfection and an unwillingness to compromise, Daphne travels to relatively unknown pockets of the globe in search of the finest silks and laces for her couture veils and luxe robes. She carefully studies ancient textile traditions, and works closely with local artisans in each community exploring the rich history behind the fabrics and techniques. Deeply influenced by her experiences, she honours the wisdom and pays homage to those who precede her with a commitment to the labour intensive hand techniques required for the fragile fabrics. Glimmers of her experiences are evident as she delicately weaves through glittering beads, and soft embroidery with fluid precision. Each piece is enriched with emotion, romance and history, and are as captivating as they are effortless.

In 2015 Daphne’s daughter Raquelle joined the business, contributing her knowledge and experience in digital marketing to further propel the Daphne Newman brand. Both her age and experience give Daphne a unique perspective on the ever-changing wedding industry, as Raquelle shares an intimate knowledge of the modern bride. Together, they have set out to redefine the opinion of the bridal veil, and evolve it from its outdated reputation as a necessary but overlooked accessory. They are proving that the iconic wedding veil can be a thoughtfully designed, stylish, and evocative piece that brides are excited to wear, and proud to pass on.